Let it be…

here i am in this train called life
letting the voices in my head speak
the anger inside me getting to a peak.

why so many questions
why so many tasks
why so many actions
why? I just ask

you’ve made a big mistake my darling
one which is worse than a crime
it’s me in your hands you’re holding
am I even worth a dime?

when you’ll realize the mistake you’ve made
don’t blame yourself, just please don’t cry
it’s always about the decisions you take
you owe no one nothing, you know why.

did i say crime, i’m sorry, i ment felony
nothing feels worse than a lie.
your excuses, pour down like a melody
without a single fintch in your eye.

yes, i still believe you’re not fucked up
you’re just a little scared of what you can give
and yes, i still believe you’re a beautiful mind
a mind which love and care refused to recieve.

(Vlad Isac)

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